The St. Pius X Development Committee was formed to create and care for two endowment funds: Calvary Cemetery Perpetual Care Endowment Fund and the St. Pius X Ministry Endowment Fund.  In 2011 a third endowment was formed in the memory of Fr. Steve Tokarski.  A brochure describing all three may be viewed or downloaded by clicking here.

Endowment Funds are an integral part of any nonprofit community-serving organization. The principal balance can never be spent and will be augmented through donations from year to year. The interest or any other return on investment is the part that becomes an ever-growing segment of the operating budget or a specific designated project.

The Ministry Endowment was created to supplement under-funded programs or to create new projects as deemed desirable by the St. Pius X Catholic Community.

The Calvary Cemetery Fund was created to provide for the perpetual care of the burial sites and the cemetery grounds. Many of the members of St. Pius X parish remember the embarrassing appearance of the cemetery for the 50 years from the time it was closed in the fifties and re-opened in 1999. The fund will help insure that the care necessary to keep the cemetery as a beautiful part of the St. Pius X campus will never become a burden to the parishioners.

The Fr. Steve Tokaraski Memorial Scholarship Endowment was created in 2011 following the death of Fr. Steve who had been pastor of St. Pius X for 18 years.  The endowment was created to help defray tuition costs for students who are members of St. Pius X, to attend St. Francis Primary, Intermediate or Upper School.

A planned gift can be made in many ways. The Development Committee has several unpaid, professional people serving on the committee and their sole purpose is to be of service to St. Pius X parishioners. If you have any questions on the best way to make a tax-deductible donation to either fund, please call the Parish Offices. An appointment will be set up with a qualified advisor to help you make a decision on the gift. Be assured that this meeting will be a low-key, no pressure, confidential and informative get-together.

It is hoped that you can find a way to remember St. Pius X Parish in your charitable giving. A gift to either Endowment Fund just keeps on giving.  Please contact Karyn Haider at the parish offices if you have questions: 656-2522.