Be My Witness

Small groups are a way to foster that spirit in our parish. By participating in small groups, you will learn more about your faith, share it more easily, and see the connection between faith and everyday life. For six weekly…read more

Volunteer Opportunities

We would love to have you actively involved at St. Pius X church volunteer opportunities – whether it’s for one-hour gathering or a parish commission. We hope the information found on the various pages of our parish website offers you ways…read more

Christian Service Commission

The Christian Service Commission is open to any parishioner and meets the first Thursday of the month, at 7 pm in the Parish Center. Current members of the parish assisting include Christy Rider (Chair), Richard King, Susan Cranston, Steve Lattimer, Walt…read more

Family Promise

St. Pius X is one of the Billings religious congregations and over 1400 volunteers in the Billings community which provide hospitality through Family Promise for families with children who are experiencing the distress of homelessness at this point in their…read more

Outreach Ministries

Outreach ministries available: Funeral follow-up families following the death of a loved one. Prayer Shawl Ministry Prayer and consultation on medical needs through the parish nurses. Home visits with Eucharist to the sick and shut-in parishioners. Visits to nursing homes…read more

Parish Life Activities

Parish Life Commission Members of the Parish Life Commission are Jeanne Moller (Chair), Jon Stepanek, Leslie Modrow, Nicole Geiger, Ron Yates, Tyler Blood, and Renee O’Dea.  Kathy McCleary is the staff liaison. They meet on the second Tuesday of the…read more

Prayer Life

Centering Prayer Centering Prayer is a silent prayer,a form of contemplative prayer. Centering Prayer is the letting go of words, images, and concepts of God to create a space where God can speak to the depths of ones heart. While…read more

Citywide Catholic Ministries

AIDSpirit AIDSpirit is a group whose purpose is to initiate and support ministry activities within the Catholic Church as well as a non-denominational faith based movement guided by the Spirit, ministers to individuals infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.  They…read more