We are pleased you are considering attending Mass at St. Pius X. We hope this introduction helps make your entrance to our parish home a welcoming one. When you enter our front doors you will find yourself in what we call the “Gathering Area.” Here you will be met by men and women wearing personal name badges. Please ask them any questions you may have about your immediate needs: nursery, coat rack, restrooms, etc.

Our Sanctuary where we celebrate the Mass (or Liturgy) together is straight ahead.  On Holy Days such as Christmas and Easter we will provide additional seating.  Our Masses last about an hour.

If you are not Catholic or have been away for a while and wonder how to follow and participate in the Mass, you will find “The Order of the Mass” inside the bound books found in the hymn book racks in each row of seats or “pews.”

You are welcome to wear casual clothing to St. Pius X. You’ll probably see a little of everything so please wear what makes you feel comfortable.

If you have children, we have a Nursery available at all weekend liturgies. The Nursery is located down the hall to your left as you enter the Gathering Area.

If you think of some other information that would be beneficial please send your comments or questions.  Again, welcome to St. Pius X and may God bless you and yours.

Mission Statement

We, the St. Pius X Community, are strengthened and guided by the Holy Spirit as we seek to follow Jesus Christ. We are a family called together to celebrate in sacramental worship and share in a caring ministry to one another. We value each person in our faith community. Our faith moves us to action and service.  We welcome and reach out to all.

Our Parish is founded on and carried forward by:

  • The guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit
  • Celebration and worship
  • Our caring and welcoming community
  • Respect for life and the diversity of individuals
  • Living what we believe in the broader community