by Elizabeth McNamer, Ph.D., and Virginia Smith

If you’ve always wanted to learn about the Bible from square one, here is square one! Scripture From Scratch® is an experience of God’s word for all Catholic adults who want to know more about the Bible but don’t know where to begin. No previous Bible study is required or expected, though Scripture From Scratch® will benefit those who have already had some experience with the Bible. The heart of the Scripture From Scratch® program is 16 hours of videotaped talks by Elizabeth McNamer and Virginia Smith. In addition to the videocassettes, a facilitator’s manual and a participant’s manual expand on the material presented.

The program contains eight two-hour videocassettes for a total of 16 hours of basic Bible study. Each videocassette contains two one-hour sessions. Each session lasts about 60 minutes and includes a 15-minute period of questions and answers.

Unit 1: An Overview of the Bible

  • Session 1: “The Bible: Where Did We Get It and How Do We Use It?”
  • Session 2: “The Old Testament: What Is It and Who Needs It?”
  • Session 3: “The New Testament: When Was It Written and Why?”
  • Session 4: “Studying Scripture: What’s the Catholic Approach?”

Unit 2: An Overview of the Old Testament

  • Session 1: “Will the Real Adam and Eve Please Stand Up?”
  • Session 2: “Tribes and Territories/Kings and Conquests”
  • Session 3: “A Profitable Look at the Prophets”
  • Session 4: “’Psalm’ of the Writings”

Unit 3: An Overview of the New Testament

  • Session 1: “The Appeal of Paul”
  • Session 2: “’Take a Letter’”
  • Session 3: “Luke Gets in the Act”
  • Session 4: “’A Real Revelation’”

Unit 4: An Overview of the Gospels

  • Session 1: “Mark: the Remarkable Disciple”
  • Session 2: “Matthew: the Mature Jew”
  • Session 3: “Luke: the Gentle Gentile”
  • Session 4: “Dear John”