Spread it Around!

The St. Pius X Christian Service (CS) Commission is responding to a call from St. Vincent dePaul to provide 50 sack lunches for friends each Wednesday of the month.  Why would we be excited about this?  In Catholic Social Teaching, feeding the hungry is the number one Corporal Work of Mercy, of course! 

CS commission member, Erin Buyske began thinking about how to spread this around so we could sustain this Brown Bag Lunch ministry.  Here are some options for all to be involved.  Through a link on Sign up Genius, (see below) families or individuals can make 50 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the comfort of their home or gather in the Fellowship Hall of church two times per month and create sandwiches with others.  There are options for families to load lunch bags each month (all items except the sandwich) or purchase and donate lunch ingredients.  There is also an option for delivering the lunches to St. Vincent dePaul on Wednesdays. 

Look for a Flocknote this Friday for the link on Sign Up Genius and start spreading the love around!