From the Pastor’s Desk

Hopefully you have heard the phrase during this Lenten season. As we get closer to Celebrating the Joy of Easter, we bring to completion the different Lenten practices that we undertook on Ash Wednesday. Those practices have helped us prepare for the Easter Season. The basis for all we have done during Lent is Easter. We are remembering what Jesus did for us and how we can say thank you. We remember the story, and we celebrate the story of our Faith. We remember the promise made so long ago and how it was fulfilled in Jesus Christ and how we live the story in our lives today. Holy Week is the dramatic conclusion of what otherwise (without the Surprise Ending) would be a sad story. But we remember– the depth and the breath of God’s love for us as we prepare to say Alleluia! How can we not have a Good Lent?!

-Fr. Wayne

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