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Congratulations 2019 Graduates!

Baccalaureate Mass 11:00am – Sunday, May 19




Summer schedule update! All incoming 6th-8th grade youth are invited to join in junior high events and incoming 9th-12th grade youth are invited to participate in high school! Bring a friend!


10th-14th: VBS

26th: Summer Kickoff : Messy Night 7-9 pm

Please note: the kickoff was originally listed as June 20th – it is, in fact, June 26th!!!!!!!!!!!

          Wear clothes to get dirty! Bring a friend.


2nd: Craft Night 6-9 pm (JUNIOR HIGH)

          Wear something made out of duct tape & get crafty!

9th: Survivor Night 6-9 pm (HIGH SCHOOL)

10th: Worship on the Rims  5:30-7 pm*

          RSVP by July 9th to Amanda’s Email!!

16th:  Drive In Night 6-9 pm (JUNIOR HIGH)

19th: Soaked Fun Run 5:30-7 pm* $20

          RSVP by June 24 to Amanda’s Email!!

19th: Service 2:30-4 pm

          At Bella Terra before heading to the fun run.

23rd: Mustangs Game*

          RSVP by July 14 to Amanda’s Email!!

26th: Service 6-8 pm

          At Avantara.

30th: Masterchef Night 6-9 pm (HIGH SCHOOL)

          We will be cooking dinner.


2nd: Service 6-8 pm.

          At Avantara.

6th: Late Night Extravaganza 6-midnight* $10

         RSVP by August 5th to Amanda’s Email!!

Sailing TBD

* = RSVP Required



NCYC Team – They had a blast!