Catechist Resources

Here are some ideas that you could use throughout the year…..


Sometimes things need to be shaken up so they don’t become stale. This is true when it comes to your class! You are free to use or adapt these ideas to fit your needs this year.



1.  Jenga – Use Jenga block to solidify any lesson. If you are teaching prayers, tape a line to a block and have the students put the prayer in chronological order. Have the students put a story from the Bible in order after they read the story. Put questions that pertain to the lesson or the unit on the blocks. When they pull a block from the tower they have to answer the question in their books or with a partner. There are many more ways to utilize these blocks.

2.  Prayer Books – Have the students work on their prayers by collecting a charm on a name tag or collecting another item that they keep in the room during the year. Suggest they practice the prayers in the car with their parents or before they go to bed.

3. Miracles – Jesus performed many miracles. Focus on one each month and act it out or have some type of hands-on activity the students can complete.

4. Corporal Works of Mercy – Highlight one work of mercy each month (ie. visit the sick, comfort the grieving, etc.). 

5. Saints – Choose a saint and teach the students about that person and how they came to be a saint. Need Resource? Jessie can share with you ideas on how to incorporate the theme into your normal Pflaum lesson.

6.  Story Time – Choose a story from the Bible and show the students where it can be located (Old or New Testament), book (Matthew, Samuel, Genesis), chapter and verse. Make sure you have read through the story a few times or write note to help you retell the story. Use hand motions and actions to draw the students in. Allow them to ask questions, but don’t let the questions distract you from finishing the story. At the end, have them journal about the story, their thoughts, feelings if they were there during the story, or about the moral or lesson in the story.



7.  Journals/Notebooks – A great way to see what your students learned or for them to record things that stand out to them is through a journal. You can have the students write or paste anything in a notebook at the beginning, middle, or end of a lesson. Have them write down a reflection from a daily Bible verse or prayer intentions. You can even think about sending them home to gather information about a saint, miracle, commandment and so one that the students can share at the next class.

8. Crafts – There are several books that you can browse through for a craft if you need one. Craft suggestions will happen throughout the year! 

9. Catechist Magazine – This website is also full of extra resources. Browse the archive to see what past magazines contained. Get resources for projects out of the current issue. You will need an Access Code from Jessie.

10. Visit the Church! Take your class over to the church to pray, teach, or show! 

Just remember there are tons of resources available to you in the office.
ask Jessie.