Councils & Commissions

St. Pius X is shepherded by Fr. Greg Staudinger, Pastor.  Fr. Greg seeks consultation by two primary Councils: “The Pastoral Council”, (read below) and The Finance Council. The Pastoral Council has four commissions:

  • Adult Education Commission: facilitates catechesis within the parish as well as evangelization within and beyond the parish;
  • Christian Service Commission: promotes the social mission of the church through direct service, ecumenical involvement, cooperation with civic and others groups which seek to further justice and peace;
  • Parish Life Commission: fosters a spirit of community and enhances parish communications; and
  • Worship Commission: cultivates full, conscious and active participation in the parish’s liturgical, sacramental and prayer life.

Click here for a list of Councils & Commissions: Chairs and Meeting Times.

Click here to watch the April 25, 2015 seminar with Kirsten Hangas.  5:20-hour seminar: morning session – building an engaged parish; afternoon session – in depth review of 34 strengths (Gallup).


Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is comprised of twelve members and their primary responsibility is to guide and determine the direction of our parish by providing leadership, leading pastoral planning, and initiating and directing policies which flow out of the parish’s unique mission.  They serve for rotating three-year terms and each year at Pentecost four new member’s names are drawn for new terms.

They meet the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Parish Center.  Officers and members for the 2017-2018 year follow:

Chair: Dave Rigg
Vice Chair:  Don James
Secretary: Deb Charles

Dave Rigg (WC)
Mary Beth Brotzel (E)
Ming Cabrera (E)
Nicole Geiger (PLC)
Don James (CS)
Dan Sloan (FC)
Walt Niemi (CS)
Rita Wells (W)
Rae Scheeler (CS)
Craig Rider (FC)
Diane Bertrand (PLC )
Patsy Guenthner (WC)   )
Fr. Greg Staudinger, Pastor

Billings Catholic Schools – Deb Charles
Council of Catholic Women Representative: Lynn DeMeyer
Knights of Columbus Representative: Phil Zeeck
Young Adult Representative: Krista Bakkedahl

Each member of the Pastoral Council also serves as a member of one of the St. Pius Church Commissions. The small letter behind each name indicates which commission the Pastoral Council member serves.

BCS = Billings Catholic Schools
E = Education Commission
W = Worship Planning
CS = Christian Service
PL = Parish Life
FC = Finance Council
Y = Youth Ministry
YA= Young Adults
CCW= Council of Catholic Women