During Lent

Family Activities for Lent:

As a family, talk about your Lenten Resolutions.

What does this mean? During Lent, we are deepening our relationship with Jesus. This means avoiding things that get in the way of our relationship and adding new activities to help us. Are you going to give up your favorite sweet treat? Or maybe make a resolution to add a 10 minute prayer time as you begin your day.

Create a daily reminder to pray, fast, and give.

Use this template here or create your own! Commit to doing this every day during Lent as a family.

Cook a meatless meal for your family.

Did you know that Catholics abstain from meat on Fridays during Lent? Here are some great “normal” meatless options that you can help cook!

For Parents and Guardians

Below you will find links to websites that will hopefully provide solid resources for raising your children and teens in the faith.  If you have questions please call the parish offices at 656-2522.

For Students

Following are some links you may enjoy checking out: