Liturgy, Music & Sacraments

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All areas of liturgy and communal worship in our parish are coordinated, planned, evaluated and overseen by the Worship Commission. The commission studies the rites and traditions of our Church and seeks to nurture and promote the liturgical life of our parish.

The Worship Commission meets at the Parish Center on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Members include Brock Williams, Shannon Behounek (Chair), Bob Keene, Tim Morgan, Dave Rigg, Brian Taylor, Rita Wells, Mary Beth Brotzel, Deacon Tom Landry as well as staff members, Nick Coffman (Liturgy Coordinator), Joan Whelan, and Fr. Greg Staudinger. (We currently meet via Zoom.)


LituAdvent Preparation - LM 2012 035rgy – Liturgy (leitourgia) is a Greek word – in simple terms meaning “The People’s Work.”  We gather together for Mass, formal prayer (as in Liturgy of the Hours) and sacraments – for public prayer.


Contact Person for following: Nick Coffman, 656-2522

Communion/Eucharistic Minister – Serves the consecrated bread and wine to the assembly.

Since Vatican II lay parishioners have been privileged to distribute Communion at Mass and to the homebound. Training is provided to those who volunteer for this position.

Proclaimer – Proclaims the Word of God to the gathered assembly

Proclaiming God’s Word to the assembly is a unique sharing in Christ’s ministry. Training and resource materials are provided for all in this ministry.

Sacristan – Prepares all items needed for the Eucharistic Celebration. Training and resource materials are provided for all in this ministry.

Music Ministers – lead the music during the weekend Liturgies (See Music)

Environment – sets up the environment for the Liturgical Seasons.

Altar Servers – Boys and girls from either the public or private schools that are at least 10 years old or older are welcome to be trained as altar servers. Three servers are needed at each weekend Liturgy as well as funeral Masses. Please contact Bev through the parish offices 406-656-2522 if you would like more information.


Greeters – Welcome the assembly as it gathers and offers any needed assistance or information. Greeters are those parishioners desiring to share themselves in hospitality with all who enter our church, who want to make people feel welcome and to offer help to those who need it. A bright smile and warm handshake are the only prerequisites.

Ushers – Seat the assembly as it gathers, offer any needed help or information, take up the collection and guide the assembly to communion.  The ministry of Usher has evolved through the centuries from guards to protect the assembled worshipers in the early church, to the present day role of greeting and aiding people in finding seats, and taking up the collection. Ushers should be familiar with all areas of the building, provide general information when requested, and help with emergencies. Training is provided.