Family Promise

St. Pius X is one of 25 Billings religious congregations and over 1400 volunteers in the BillingJune 2013 Families - Really Cute!!s community which provide hospitality for families with children who are experiencing the distress of homelessness at this point in their lives.  Each family is carefully screened before becoming a guest family.  Family Promise’s (FP) (formerly IHN) goals are to help families obtain housing and stability.  We provide free lodging, meals and a safe environment for up to 14 people beginning at 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. daily for one week.  Our location during host week is the St. Pius X Youth Center. During COVID-19 Precautions families are staying at the FP Day Center. We still help provide meals and other services.

Host Week May 20 2104 -Eve HostTo learn more, please contact either Shelly Greenfield at 656-2522 or at the parish offices.