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The Education Commission assists the Pastor and pastoral staff in developing, promoting, coordinating and evaluating all parish activities relating to Christian education within the parish, and to evangelization both within and beyond the parish.

The Commission meets each month.  Members of the commission include Mary Beth Brotzel, Ming Cabrera, Kim Komar (Chair) and Mary Rah; staff members include Fr. Greg Staudinger and Jessie Rohrer.

Adult Faith Formation Nov. 20, 27 and Dec. 4th: Have you ever felt that when Christmas comes around that you’re just not ready? Maybe, understanding this season will help you better prepare for Christmas? 

Join us for a 3-part DVD advent retreat with Dr. Brant Pitre. Through this series he will teach how a deeper understanding of the ancient Jewish prophecies of the Messiah can help unlock the hidden meanings of the season of Advent.  Come learn about:

  • The Second Advent at the End of Time
  • Jewish Prophecies of the Messiah
  • John the Baptist
  • The Jesse Tree
  • The City of Bethlehem

Please join us Nov. 20, 27 and Dec. 4th to become more spiritually prepared to celebrate the birth of Christ at Christmas! We will meet in the Fellowship Hall at 6:30.  

Mission Statement:
The Education Commission is responsible for the religious education and formation of all parishioners. It is the liaison between the parish Pastoral Council and those persons or bodies within the parish structure responsible for the various aspects of total parish religious education. Adult faith formation should be the primary focus. “An adult community whose faith is well formed and lively will more effectively pass the faith on to the next generation. In addition, adult faith formation should serve as the point of reference for catechesis for other age groups. It ought to be the organizing principle, which gives coherence to other various catechetical programs offered by the parish.