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America Recycles One-Week Challenge at St. Pius X: Nov. 11-19

Republic Services and the St. Pius X Christian Service Commission  invites you to participate in a one week recycle challenge!  Last year St. Pius X recycled 7,240 pounds which did not go in the landfill!  Bring all the recyclables listed in the parish bulletin (see online), no need to separate, to the extra recycle bins in the church parking lot or when you come to Mass THIS weekend.  After Masses next week, volunteers will unload your car for you!  Republic Services will provide bins and a truck for collection and will calculate how many pounds St. Pius X recycled.  Remember to bring your recyclables to Mass on THIS weekend: Nov. 18 or 19!

Scripture from Scratch – Revised Dates

Scripture from Scratch has been revised as follows:

November 8th: Program 4 – Piecing It All Together: What Archaeology can tell us about biblical times & Program 5 – Diverse Expressions of a Common Faith: Religious life in Jesus’ day

November 15th: Finish Program 5 – Diverse Expressions of a Common Faith: Religious life in Jesus’ day & Program 6 – Under the Roman Boot: The people and politics of Jesus’ time

November 22nd: Thanksgiving Evening Mass (No AFF)

November 29th: Advent Retreat by Judi Pike

January 3rd: Program 7 – Bed, Breakfast, and Business: Daily life in first-century Judea

January 10th: Program 8 – Carpenter, Rabbi, Messiah: Jesus in His own times,  and then a  closing, question & answer by Virginia Smith

Carroll College Scholarship

Carroll College Scholarship : Parish Scholarships are awarded to students active in a Catholic parish within the Diocese of Helena and the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, in memory of the deceased priests of the diocese. This $1,000 scholarship is applicable toward full-time tuition at Carroll College for a newly accepted student for the upcoming academic year. Applications are available at the St. Pius X Parish office. Deadline to return application to St. Pius X is February 1, 2018.